Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services – the benefits

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Today, executives in the insurance and financial services industry are challenged in multiple ways: the transformation in the insurance industry requires interconnected competencies from management, digitization and customer centricity in order to equip their own company for future challenges. With the Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services you can unerringly make the right decisions - thanks to state-of-the-art tools, innovative methods and data analysis as well as a network that is of high-quality and value.

Admission requirements

The Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services is targeting managers with a first degree who wish to complete their education with a Master's degree from the renowned University of St.Gallen.

First degree (Bachelor/Master)

You are either holding a Bachelor's or Master's degree from a university or university of applied sciences (or equivalent). Higher technical schools and professional diplomas are not recognized by the University of St.Gallen.

3 years leadership experience

Leadership experience includes tasks in classic team leadership as well as in project or senior management. Of course, this also includes product and business owner functions.

Benefits and clear advantages

The Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services combines numerous advantages over traditional continuing education programs: a consistent industry focus, internationality, a modular study architecture, and the combination of professional and personal development. The program is organized by the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St.Gallen (I.VW-HSG), a Global Center of Insurance Excellence, and focuses on a strong theory-practice transfer.

Focus: Insurance industry

Tomorrow's leaders do not only need a sound and broad management knowledge, but also industry-specific proficiency and skills to be able to respond adequately and competently to trends in the insurance market. We will teach you all of this in this Executive Master program.


International and bilingual

In the Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services you will complete certain parts in German as well as in English. This will deepen your language skills and give you additional impulses that will broaden your geographical horizons and strengthen your internationality.


Modular study architecture

In contrast to conventional programs with a fixed curriculum, the Executive Master HSG Insurance and Financial Services gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of one industry-focused topic (digitalization, customer centricity, regulations, etc.) in addition to two mandatory parts (HSG Executive Diploma Insurance Management & Masterclass) in the elective area.


Professional and personal development

As part of your executive education, our professors are available for personal exchange. Peer coaching complements this exchange and sharpens your personal profile. While writing your master's thesis, you will be closely supervised by a professor and deepen your expertise for the next step in your career.


Global Center of Insurance Excellence

As the largest scientific institute in the field of insurance and risk management in Europe, I.VW-HSG is one of the Global Centers of Insurance Excellence. In addition, the institute has a wealth of experience in the conception and implementation of management training courses for European specialists and executives from the insurance industry.


Focus on knowledge with impact

The latest research findings from the fields of insurance and financial services are combined with practical implementation and conveyed in target group-oriented, modern didactic formats. The focus lies on theory-practice transfer in your everyday management and on evidence-based management knowledge.

Access to the HSG Alumni Network

With this Executive Master, you will gain access to the exclusive alumni network from day one: HSG Alumni. This allows you to benefit from a wide range of career support and coaching services. You can also participate in HSG alumni events of the various, worldwide clubs and thus systematically expand your professional network already during your Master's studies.

Added value for the employer

For participants from insurance companies, the part-time master's program requires an application for personal executive education in order to arrange both financing and time away from work. Above all, the individual master's thesis offers the opportunity to intensively study a strategic topic of the company. The employer factsheet summarizes the most important points for this.

Unlike Executive MBA programs, this Executive Master allows you greater time flexibility by completing the required and elective modules in stages.

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